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Texts on a website serve two essential functions. First, they must be explanatory, comprehensible, and in line with the company's image. Second, text is a great tool to bring a user to a page through Google and other search engines. When working with an SEO audit, we focus on the second part. Not only the quality of the texts themselves is important here, but you also have to pay attention to the way they are arranged. It may be that truly great SEO texts are presented so incorrectly that they do not perform their function.

What is the formula that puts one company at the top of the search results and burry other companies in the second page? This is a combination of several factors which, on top of that, is constantly changing, because search engine algorithms are not static.

As part of the SEO audit, we analyse the text of the page and compile a list of recommended activities to improve the results in the short term and strengthen them in the long run.

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