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ico UX/UI design

In a saturated digital environment, the consumer wants to get to the destination without wasting any time or working too hard. If we can make this trip fast, convenient and efficient, it is already a big part of the victory. This is a job for UX and UI designers - specialists whose main task is to get into the skin of the consumer.

UI (user interface) is a graphical layout of a website or application. Buttons, text, images, sound, colours, application forms, moving elements – all nuanced but important details that will be self-evident for the customer. Here usability meets aesthetics.

UX (user experience) – how these details will function on the website or application. Will the user experience be pleasant, will the system work seamlessly and, most importantly, quickly? Will this experience be equally enjoyable when working on different devices?

After all, the more comfortable a consumer feels on a website or application, the more there will be clicks, purchases, and other activities. And more often they will come back for more!

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